Unleash Solar Power for Your Ottawa Home: Financing Made Easy with Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program

Ottawa homeowners, rejoice! The dream of a solar-powered home is now more attainable than ever with the Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program (BHOLP). This innovative program from the City of Ottawa empowers you to finance energy-efficient upgrades, including solar panel installations from Future Solar and Electric.

BHOLP offers a multitude of benefits to make your switch to clean energy seamless:

Low-Interest Loans: Secure a long-term, low-interest loan of up to $125,000 (or 10% of your home’s value) to cover the cost of your solar panel system and other energy-saving upgrades. Breathe easy knowing this program makes clean energy financing a reality.

Embrace Sustainability: BHOLP goes beyond solar panels. It encompasses a wide range of eligible improvements, including thermal envelope upgrades, mechanical system enhancements, Level 2 EV chargers, and even additions like rental suites (with limitations). Invest in a more sustainable future for your home.

Flexible and Affordable: Spread the cost of your improvements comfortably with BHOLP’s fixed low-interest rates and a generous 20-year repayment term. Plus, the loan is tied to your property, not you, offering peace of mind.

Minimum Loan Amount of $10,000: Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solar panel system or smaller upgrades, BHOLP caters to your needs.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

The BHOLP program is a game-changer for Ottawa homeowners seeking to invest in their properties, reduce energy bills, and shrink their environmental footprint. With a total of $15 million available, there’s a strong chance you can secure funding for your solar energy project.

Partner with Future Solar and Electric: Your Ottawa Solar Experts

At Future Solar and Electric, we are Ottawa’s premier solar energy provider. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, from designing and installing your solar power system to navigating the BHOLP application process. We ensure you maximize the program’s benefits and achieve your clean energy goals.

Ready to unlock the power of the sun?

Contact Future Solar and Electric today for a free consultation. Let’s discuss how BHOLP can make your solar dreams a reality!

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Unleash Solar Power for Your Ottawa Home: Financing Made Easy with Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program